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The goal of this site is to spotlight the different pieces of the writing puzzle to help you see—and better understand—the writing process. There are several steps that need to be executed well if you’re going to end up with a solid piece of writing.  At a basic level, the process has three stages: prewriting, writing, and revision. If you understand the stages, and what goes into each of them, you’ll end up with a stronger written product.


To help you decide whether this site is a good fit for you, we’re going to share some of our beliefs about writing.

  • Good writingand the thinking behind it—take time and attention. Your ability to express an idea—especially a complicated one—usually improves if you can write and then set your draft aside for a day or two. When you return, you’re bound to see ways to express your thoughts more clearly.

  • Planning your writing can save a lot of time and effort. We’re often tempted to dive right into a writing assignment. But there are many good reasons for planning longer documents before you start. To use a metaphor, creating an outline (or mind map) helps orient readers in the same way a map helps a driver navigate in a new city or town.

  • The revision stage is typically more important than the initial writing. There may be people who can write a perfect first draft, but for most of us, the revision stage is where writing comes together. In fact, many writing experts recommend budgeting 50 percent of your writing time to revision. 

  • There are a lot of ways writing can go wrong. These include lack of clarity, poor organization, misunderstanding your audience, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

  • Writing draws on different—sometimes opposite—skills. For instance, generating creative ideas is a completely different skill compared with proofreading.

(And then there are the psychological aspects of the process which can have a significant impact. These include perfectionism, procrastination, waiting for inspiration, and writer’s block).


In short, good writing requires real work. We believe this site will make your task a little easier. And if you have questions or suggestions please send us a note through the contact page.